Tuesday, March 30, 2010

tatto sexy and hot

What do your tattoos mean to you?

They all have different meanings. Some represent a feeling I was having or an event in my life that I wanted to remember. Most of them follow a theme for the most part.....Love and Fate.

I came across this sexy momma one day and was instantly drawn to her. Not just because she is affectionately known as a MILF but because her tattoos were damn sexy too! Have a read of this quick interview and you will see what I mean....

Where you got them done/artists name?

I get all my work done at Modern Body tattoo in Sacramento. My artist is Alycia Harr. She is the only person I will let tattoo me. She's wonderful. She's the only person that I can say "do whatever you want" and end up with something I like.

Any more tattoos planned?

Of course! We are currently planning to do flowers on my right arm, Alice and wonderland theme for my right calf, insect theme for my left calf and a full back piece. We're thinking of doing celtic angel wings but we're not sure yet. At some point we're going to do my chest.....probably a sacred heart with a dagger but I haven't worked up the balls for that one yet!

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