Sunday, March 27, 2011

Popular TV Show "Inked"

Set on the harsh circumference of anything-goes Las Vegas, INKED takes a real-life look on the pioneering Hart & Huntington Tattoo Company, somewhere fame fashion sense meets outrider art. Equal parts grit and glitz, INKED introduces an primary range of tattoo-culture lettering on the fundamental parlor always to ajar inside a Vegas nightclub, the thrilling Palms Casino Resort.

Hart & Huntington attracts an unpredictable mix of rock stars, fame VIPs, locals, and tourists.
Each week, in back-to-back episodes, we track initiator and freestyle motocross champion, Carey Hart, as he caters to high-profile clients, while plus organization his rod of inherent artists.

Every body has a story. Customers on Hart & Huntington make public intimate and fascinating tales behind their sad and bizarre needs. From names of lovers and loved ones, to animals, insects, cobwebs, religious symbols, and Asian imagery, the designs inked by the shop's artists span the range of human being imagination.

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