Monday, June 7, 2010

new tatto bechkam

An additional tattoos adorn the body of English football star David Beckham. Los Angeles Galaxy midfielder who was spending time during the six-month loan at AC Milan's new tattoo shows when the Rossoneri muzzle 3-0 victory over Juventus at the Stadio Olimpico Grande, Turin, Sunday (10 / 1) or Monday early morning hrs.

On the right abdomen Beckham portrait of Jesus displayed from a painting by Matthew R. Brooks, entitled "The Man of Sorrow" or "The Agony of Jesus". This is for the first time the tattoo is exposed to and complement the collection of one of the predilection of the former icons of Manchester United and Real Madrid.

Each tattoo is made has a background related to the closest people (family), including portraits of Jesus in the sitting position. The Sun claims that the latest tattoo was dedicated for his beloved late grandfather, Joseph 'Joe' West, who died in early December.

"The tattoo-emblazoned tattoo has a meaning that relates about life, my wife and my children," said Beckham. "I want them to always be present in my life. Tattoos are a form of expression of feelings (love) to Victoria (his wife) and my children.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

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