Saturday, October 29, 2011

Tattoo Girls

Photo on 2011-07-20 at 12.29
“No heartbreaking story, just pure love!
Art by Brian M Viveros, tattooed by Brent McKenzie.”
Tattoologist: Something a little different from what I normally post.
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The idea just came to me right befor i went to sleep. i don’t know what it stands for. maybe the the subconscious
A positive message to always look forward to living and loving under the sun
 the harmless (age 18). the original plan when i got this was to get a heart on each side. but after the guy finished i looked in the mirror and thought, hmmm this is a tattoo on my chest. maybe i should just go for the one and see how i like it. thank god cause otherwise i would look like a playing card.
 the pretty bad (age 19). i've pretty much come to terms with the fact that this is an oakland a's tattoo. i pretty much just tell people that now. because i got tired of them asking if it was. i got an a for ashley, which might actually be more embarrassing than an oakland a's tattoo. so, goooo team! big fan.
the cute and tiny (age 25). i got this for my badass nephew, julian river. it's from one of his books called the little fur family. this little guy is going places. he's on the move. he even has a tiny bearclaw.
the bad (age 17). girls first tattoo. can't you tell? the first tattoo could really only be one of two things: a star, or a butterfly on my lower back. still hate this, but i think i made away with the better of the two.
age 22. this one is from a painting by one of my favorite artists, mark ryden. he's rad. and this is blurry.

(age 25) crazy dog lady taken to a whole new level. for my dog, coco. i didn't name her. not that i think coco is a bad name, it's just a little common. she's cooler than a coco. i like the name coco for a person, but in the dog world, it doesn't have as much street cred.
and there you have it---you asked! my not so cool walk down tattoo memory lane. hopefully you didn't think they were deep and meaningful. no regrets.

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