Friday, December 30, 2011

Fantastic Tattoo 2012

With a Dollar Store to one side and a vacant and vandalized lot to the other, it’s not the most appealing area in town but you wouldn’t know it after walking through the doors of 2012 Tattoo Studio.
2012 tattoo on Arizona Tattoo Magazine
I caught up with the folks at 2012 just as they were getting back from the Pamona Body Arts Expo in California and as they are gearing up for the La Firme event here in Phoenix next week.
Owner and artist Roman ODaly gave me the run down on the now 18 month old business adventure (8 months with the doors open, 10 months waiting on permits…OUCH!). He even got behind on his mortgage for the dream to run a clean and customer friendly studio “…and now” he says, “things are looking better”.
We also got to talk about convention/expo life and how it came to be that as a studio or artist, you spend all your time behind that table that you paid so dearly for and don’t ever get the chance to check out any seminars or network. It’s m
y opinion that conventions, which began as a forum to shareindustry ideas, are being eaten up by consumerism and artist egos. Maybe it’s because in the age of instant information, there is no longer a need to combine forces and thought by actual human contact. Therefore since everything new is already old news, there is only room left to promote. Hmm…but what do I know?
So…if you’re looking for a custom built machine (to include the frame) that won’t break your bank, check out Victor. If you’re in need of a proper (or improper) corset piercing, check out Paloma. And if you finally decide to get that oil portrait of Rover, your childhood buddy…then Roman’s your guy. Oh yeah…and if you want a tattoo give ‘em a call.
2012 Tattoo and Body Piercing Studio.

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