Wednesday, June 29, 2011

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  • Totoro
    03-31 04:40 PM
    If I can ask a few dumb questions:) (I might have overlooked this but these details, but this thread is huge now). When is the hearing? Who is conducting is? Is IV core involved?

    How can other members here help apart from posting to this thread and $ contributions?


    It was not a hearing, just a meeting with some of the people I worked with over the past year on the stimulus issue.

    Anyway, I went to the meeting and presented the issues raised by people here and emphasized that the first priority is recapture. Of course I raised the other issues as well, presenting the argument that America will lose its competitive edge if its highly skilled immigrants return to their home countries or other more welcoming countries like Canada, the UK, and Australia.

    One person at the meeting was skeptical that many people have been waiting more than 10 years, saying that she has never come across anyone waiting more than 6 years and that these must be special cases where the people were doing something wrong. Anyway, I presented the stories people sent me, but when I raised the issue of granting a fast track to people waiting for more than 10 years, she said that there must be a good reason for it. They need to look at each person on a case by case basis and that a fast track would not be the proper way to resolve these issues. There was a lot of resistance from this person on several issues with the only wholehearted agreement on the issue of getting visas stamped in the US.

    In short, I didn't get a sense that much would come of the meeting, but at least I had a chance to present the issues and I was given an assurance that they would be looked into further and discussed at some upcoming meetings. Finally, I said that the best way for them to understand the issues faced by immigrants is to be in contact with immigrants. I also suggested they join the IV discussions to get first hand accounts.

    One recommendation they had was than anyone who has been waiting for an unreasonable time for their applications to be processed should contact their congressman/congresswoman with information about their specific cases.

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  • acs_78
    08-20 10:23 AM
    Filed on May 21st. Finally got email that card production ordered

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  • rkg000
    03-25 02:06 PM
    Everybody, please calm down. I don't know what the intention of this thread was, but if it is to increase the participation to achieve IV's goals, then I am sure you all realize it is having the exact opposite affect. The only thing happening on this thread is donors and non-donors going at each other in a way of unbecoming of us professionals.

    I am sure we can agree to disagree with respect. Think about some of the messages written and you wonder would it be really said if they were facing the person.

    I personally don't think bitzbyte is or was berating IV's efforts. All he/she needs is more convincing. And I don't think he/she is alone. If that was the case then we would be having 49000 members donating and the advocacy effort would be a grand success and we would be having millions for lobbying. The fact is that there are more like bitzbyte than the donors. I am not sure where the problem is but there sure is. Heck, I am donor and I don't find myself talking about IV or hearing about IV from colleagues or friends. Everybody has their priorities set and the daily grind to go through. Getting a GC may not be everyone's ultimate goal. There was a time I used to be so obsessed with GC that my whole life seemed to be revolving around bulletins and the disappointment of backlogs. One day I said enough is enough and stopped worrying about it.

    But I realized that the question is not about whether and when I get GC, but is it fair, to you and your family, to go through years of this agony. It is not fair and we have to do something about it.

    As much as everybody needs IV to address their needs, IV needs them to achieve our collective goals. Lets think about ways to increase participation rather than marginalizing those that don't yet believe.

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  • lelica32
    05-09 04:22 AM
    Can someone please explain how it`s work with this PD. My Lawyer hase apply for PERM at 04/30/2007. It`s meens that my PD is this date?



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  • sravani
    05-16 12:21 PM
    Can anyone please shed some light on the costs involved in a medical examination?

    It varies depending on the physician. I paid $475 for everything blood work to test immunizations + TB test + Physical exam. This is for one person.

    Same physician, my friend went with all medical records and she charged only $250 for doing physical and TB test.

    I got the report with in 3 days. Hope this helps. Good luck.

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  • RandyK
    03-18 05:16 PM
    Last month Ron G predicted the April visa bulletin and he did have a very good logical reason for it, he did go into details about it on his forum. He was NOT told by Oppenheimer what the bulletin was going to look like.

    Ron only wrote to Oppenheimer to clarify the April Bulletin�s wording after it came out about visa number flow from EB1 to EB2 Retrogressed countries.

    I have to say Ron is pretty impressive, I learned a ton by visiting his forum, he knows a lot about the inner workings of USCIS.

    For example I was under the impression that USCIS followed strict procedures when it came to PDs and that processing dates schedules were correct all the time. Now I have a totally different opinion.

    it does contradict with what they said in April VB, but Ron said that his source is Oppenheimer. so I would go with what he said. remember, it was Oppenheimer who told him back in Feb or early Mar that India EB2 will have a cutoff date in April.


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  • srikondoji
    09-21 02:04 PM
    sure. today...gone tomorrow
    next time remember that :D

    ok rally you can have one on me!

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  • shogun
    09-20 01:48 PM
    My ADD says "BS with 5+ years of progressive experience "

    I have a 4 year engg degree from India and have over 10+ years of experience. I am filing for a PERM application that I want it to be eligible for EB2.

    Currently in my lawyer's paper work job description does not mention progressive experience. My experience letters does not mention progressive experience. Will this cause a problem.



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  • Madhuri
    01-18 12:09 PM
    you can also set auto-payment from your bank account/ credit union account. I did that through Digital Federal Credit Union.

    when i tried to setup a recurring payment I got the following message.

    Accounts with limited access may not send money !

    I've used my paypal account to make one time payment to IV before but never had any issue. Is this a paypal error/issue?..could i be doing something wrong ? is there any other way to make a payment ?

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  • sve0390
    07-11 07:03 PM

    Congresswoman Zoe Lofgren (D-CA), chair of the House Immigration Subcommittee, sent Secretary Chertoff a list of questions and a request for documents from USCIS to get to the bottom of the whole Visa Bulletin fiasco. The letter is very interesting not just because it puts a heck of a lot of pressure on DHS right now, but also because Lofgren's folks imply from the questions that USCIS was short circuiting established security clearance procedures to "pre-request" visa numbers from DOS. If it turns out full security clearances were not carried out, USCIS will either need to say that they had the legal justification (which would be a public relations disaster for the agency) or that they intended to complete the checks after the fact (which would be a direct violation of their own regulations). The only way to avoid answering the questions and to make this go away would be to eat crow and start working the case July cases.

    This letter is posted on her today's press release July 11, 2007 (


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  • santb1975
    05-23 05:43 PM
    I am. Who else is following up with the reps they have called before?

    Yes, its a good idea to call again and follow up saying that you are very keen on knowing whether the Congressman made any decision yet. We have our hopes pinned up on this one!

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  • Hassan11
    04-04 04:38 PM
    Most of the approvals in in April are from TSC. Hope NSC will catch up soon. good luck everyone

    According to there are only a few approvals for EB3 ROW in April so far.....


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  • tammman
    05-19 10:15 AM
    I just called all the offices mentioned.
    Almost all of them seemed to know what I'm talking about and I left voice msgs for couple of the offices and some of them took the msg and mentioned will pass them on...

    Thanks to IV & all the members doing this !!

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  • amsgc
    09-01 11:17 AM
    Congratulations NolaIndian32!
    You have done a lot for this community - thank you very much.
    All the very best to you!


    Alright guys, I cannot tell you how excited I am to report that i got a call this morning from my attorney and my online case status also states that Card Production was ordered for my case!!!

    After 8 long years.....i finally have been approved for permanent residency. After 7 years, i will finally, with peace of mind, go back to India to visit my family. Thanks to IV, everyone's help on these forums for helping me keep my sanity over the past 2 years....

    After 15 years in the US, I will finally have my green card in hand soon.



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  • Michael chertoff
    05-03 04:54 PM
    Congratulations my friend, enjoy your freedom. Pray for us too.


    Some porter gave me red on this post.

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  • tomatocup
    07-11 09:52 PM
    Does the fact that USCIS has returned some visa numbers mean we will see some category current again? For example, EB-1?


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  • JazzByTheBay
    09-20 04:21 PM
    - It was a historic event, in a historic and scenic location with plenty of symbolism about what America represents - the Washington Monument to the Capitol, and the lobby day, reception (both of which I missed thanks to my flight delay) and press conferences at the Rayburn building.

    - An excellent opportunity to get our voices heard where it matters - in D.C.
    - Meet fellow IV members!
    - Great photo opportunities
    - Stories most of us will cherish for the rest of our lives and share with our children & grand children
    - Last but not the least, it's always a pleasure to see an intelligent, calm, restrained leader like Aman Kapoor leading the effort in all his selflessness (he already got his green card a while ago). Proud to be a part of an org led by you Mr. Kapoor!

    - And before I forget - another incredible selfless person, Ms. Tamsen!
    - Plenty of others - too long a list to mention, you know who you are!

    Had some down sides as well, but I'll keep this a fun thread... :)


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  • camarasa
    07-11 05:36 PM
    This is the only escape route they have.
    Nothing else would calm down all potential lawsuits.
    What is? Working on the July submitted apps ahead of the ones already in the queue?

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  • nonimmi
    04-10 09:40 AM
    If someone is responsible for the current state of affairs in the H1B area , It is Indian firms . The H1B1 was started in 'GOOD FAITH ' by United States to help people from "all over the world" to come in and work in the US , but large Indian IT houses have overexploited these loopholes so much that we are currently in this sorry state of affairs .

    Agreed. But also please note that there is nothing called "GOOD FAITH". Just making a law is enough. It is US INS responsibility to ensure no one (mostly Indian IT companies and small companies in US operated from bedrooms, not basement or garage!! :) those created in garage are HP and GOOGLE) can exploit it. So blaming TCS and WIPRO and INFY and PATNI is not enough!! If we don't protect our house and thief exploits that to rob us that is our fault. This holds true for US INS too. And don't assume INS didn't know this. No exploitation is possible without Govt's active or passive approval. This is one big ecosystem and all have their share. That is how all businesses are operated across the world. Immigration is one of the biggest businesses here. And they want this chaos to exist for their interests.

    01-18 10:16 AM
    You Guys Are Doing A Good Job....i Have Earlier Done A One Time Contribution Of $100 And Now Signe Dup For Recurrung 20

    Lets Put All Our Energy An Dmove Time To Stop And Talk......lets Not Relax Till We Reach Our Goals......

    Jai Hind !!

    10-12 04:24 PM
    bharat premi...please look at this has all the bulletins from 2002. please point me to single instance where the the bulletin was retrogressed even once in 2002-2003

    Glad, you took pain to check and see all bulletins. Can you see India in 2003 bulletins? India was simply dispappeared from earlier months-2003 bulletins. It was no more "OverSubscribed" country as per INS. In reality in background Eb3 India was on hold and almost all the year treated like step child by INS. EB2 India was doing good throughout 2003. Since bulletins kicked India out how can you know then? Mymajor source of information as usual was and I vaguely remember murthy came up with one or two warning articles about "administrative" hold on Eb3 processing and severe future Eb3 retrogressions then.

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