Saturday, March 20, 2010

More Meaning of Japanese

The Japanese dragon is one of the mythological creatures most popular selected for inking and a traditional choice for a design of tattooing. It is usually depicts as a creature snake-like without wings and heavy-measured with small scratched legs and chief with horns or antlered of camel, and is associated with the sea, the clouds or the skies. The Japanese dragons tend to being much thinner and fly less frequently than the Chinese counterparts.

The breath of the Japanese dragon changes into clouds of which come rain or fires. It can increase or contract its body, and moreover it with the power of the transformation and invisibility. It is simply a general description and does not apply to all the Japanese dragons, some of which have the heads so extraordinary kind which they cannot be compared with anything in the animal kingdom.

There are a wide vareity of different tattoo possibilities with a dragon. There are the issues of location, size and design to consider. The style and look of the dragon can often determine what the person might wish to represent. For example an evil looking dragon that is bearing his large teeth and sourrounded by flames and wrapping around a large sowrd would obvisouly represent power, strength and the warrior spirit. Where as a dragon that is depicted in a sceen above a large body of water or int he clouds in flight might represent peace and beauty. So the style, look and feel of the tattoo will ultimatly determine the meaning of the tattoo. Japanese Dragon Tattoo Placement

Since dragons are so prevelant through Japanese art, architecture, and literature there are many different even historically famous tattoo designs to choose from when contemplating getting a dragon tattoo. As far as location the most popular place is a very large full back piece. This allows for a lot of canvas space to truly depict the beauty and power of the mystical beast. You are not just locked into a large back piece however, as there are many different dragont attoo designs to work with and you can get a tattoo anywhere on your body that you want. Typically calves, shoulders and sleeve tattoos also work well for dragon tattoos. The choice is up to you and what you want and what you are looking to express int he design.

Women with Japanese Dragon Tattoo

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