Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Bow Tattoos

Lower back bow tattoo
Back Bow Tattoo
Finger bow tattoo
Jewel Bow Tattoo
Pink Bow Tattoo

Hello Kitty Bow Tattoo
Hello Kitty Bow Tattoo

Skull bow tattoo
Pink Bow Tattoo
Bow Tattoo Foot

pink bow tattoo
Pink Bow Tattoo

bow tattoo
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Ink: Peaches' bob revealed a bow tattoo and she is also said to have a set of angel wings just inches down
Clearly the severe bob, which made her similarities to mother Paula Yates even more pronounced, wasn't particularly favoured by Peaches.
Just days after trimming her platinum blonde locks, she was back in the chair having long extensions put in.
Perhaps she's just testing out her versatility - she was recently signed Storm, the model agency that represents Kate Moss.
We can't wait for next week.

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